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Downsizing, simple Living, Creative Simplicity


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Downsizing To Freedom - Jeff Rense & Kevin Johnson


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EarthStar Primal Habitat

“The real greatness is in the smallness”.   Rodin

EarthStar Primal Habitat began as our own personal challenge and quest to discover a way to lighten our footprint on the earth. We wanted to create an alternative, sustainable model – a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity with all the basic comforts. We have achieved our goals with very little money in order to prove that it is possible to live a rich, satisfying life by adapting such practices as biogenic diet, simple shelter, organic gardening, studying herbal healing, recycling graywater, composting humanure, catching rainwater and minimizing fuel consumption.

The benefits that we are now enjoying from living this plain, holistic lifestyle is vibrant health, confidence in our ability to provide our basic material needs with a minimum of frustration or struggle. These personal choices have allowed us to gain access to the collective, intuitive knowledge of nature’s ancient wisdom about how man may achieve a lifestyle that is ecologically responsible and in harmony with the planet.

For all those like-minded individuals who have the preconditions to understand the true miracle of the simple life, we hope our EarthStar project will inspire and motivate you to become true pioneers, brave and far-sighted active points in the universe and to create your own unique lifestyle of individual freedom and independent thought.

We dedicate the EarthStar web site to our beautiful planet, the sacred Earthly Mother. May she once again become a garden of peace and beauty for all creation.


We sow seeds of love, to bless the world.
We cultivate quietness, a place to rest.
We create beauty, a place to nourish the spirit.
We practice forgiveness, to release our brothers.
We walk in silence, to heal the mind.
We sing songs of praise, to soothe the heart.
We purify our bodies, that we may serve the Light.
We live simply, that we may experience freedom.

Donna Phillipe Johnson

NOTICE: EarthStar is Donna and Kevin’s private residence and is not open to visitors. We will, however, continue to answer questions through e-mail.

....  The EarthStar Project:
12 years and still making it 
Dec, 2009

Here are some of our writings on the simple life, our live food diet and our home, the B.E.L.L. ....

About US

"What's The Point?"

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Nov-Dec. '05 issue Countryside Magazine Magazine Article  Thinking Small:  How We Downsized From an Annual Income of $42,000 to $6,500 (and lived to tell about it!)

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earthstarsml.gif (936 bytes)LETTERS FROM KINDRED SPIRITS
Simon from Sweden  April, 2013

earthstarsml.gif (936 bytes) SIMPLE LIVING
Simple Living and Inner Peace   June, 2013 
  The New Ancient Way of Living
For the Youth of Today
  Jan, 2010
Surviving Summer Heat
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Simple and Cheap
Humanure Composting

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earthstarsml.gif (936 bytes) MEDITATION and SPIRITUALITY  
Poem Booklet 16 poems by Donna and Kevin 
Nothin’ Happens Next  
What Do Humans Need Anyway?

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  Whole Grain Recipes

Supplements and the Primal Diet
Natural Healing
Simple, Whole Food Recipes
Salad Dressing
Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking

Naturally Fermented Breads
Sourdough Bread Recipe            
Eating For Freedom
Essene Flat Bread Recipe

Myths and Truths About Soy
The Starburst of Life: Biogenic Foods
Nourishing Ourselves Naturally

earthstarsml.gif (936 bytes) SIMPLICITY and FULFILLMENT  
Simplicity and Children
Why I Chose The Simple Life 
The Power of Individual Choice
NEW      Intimacy for Life June, 2013 
Simplicity – Walking the Path Alone
World Scientists' Warning to Humanity
The Art of Sobriety
Ten Changes to Improve Your Life
Denial Is the Worst Form of Apathy

Bread, Folk Music & the Techno-Age

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